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Young Changemakers

You are between the ages of 15 and 35. You are making positive impacts in your communities by implementing your ideas, using the existing resources or integrating innovative approaches to solve problems. You are connecting people and ideas to advocate for and address the issues. You are making the world a better place by contributing your knowledge and skills to create solutions and improve people’s lives. You are looking to connect with like-minded people to learn, share, and amplify the impact.

YouthLead.org is the platform for young changemakers like you to provide you with opportunities to connect with like-minded networks of young people, mentors, and resources and events. While focused on youth from the Global South, the platform is available globally.

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If you want to contribute content or ideas and are not a member, you are welcome to send a message to InfoYL@youthpower.org.

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Do you want to become a sponsor? Please contact InfoYL@youthpower.org, attention: Maria Brindlmayer.

Sponsorship Options

You can be a financial sponsor, a content sponsor, or a youth network sponsor. 

Do you want to become a sponsor? Please contact InfoYL@youthpower.org, attention: Maria Brindlmayer.


YouthLead Ambassadors

Announcing the YouthLead Ambassadors: 22 young changemakers, who were competitively selected out of nearly 1,500 applicants from over 200 countries!

The YouthLead Ambassadors have a proven track record in mobilizing other young changemakers and youth through their activities. The Ambassadors are taking part in a six-month volunteer program and will play a key role in bringing the benefits of YouthLead to national, regional, and local groups of changemakers. They will also help to grow YouthLead’s global reach and engage interested YouthLead Volunteers.

As part of the program, the YouthLead Ambassadors will implement local activities and contribute their ideas to make YouthLead more relevant to changemakers in their networks and communities.  They will add value to other changemakers’ professional growth, and generate local engagement and peer-to-peer networking.  Learn more about these young changemakers.

Announcing the YouthLead Ambassadors
YouthLead Ambassadors


Youth Advisory Group

This site was developed based on the inspiration and input from a group of dedicated young changemakers, who, over the course of the last 12-18 months have contributed to the requirements, helped design scope for the call for proposal, and provided feedback during the design process. THANK YOU!

Aymen Abderrahmen, Tunisia

Edem Agbe, Ghana

Mariatou Ba, Senegal

Tendai Banda, Malawi

Keron Bascombe, Trinidad and Tobago 

Clara Berendsen, Paraguay

Nestor Bonilla, Nicaragua

Krish Gissela Caballero Vazquez, Paraguay

Katherine Centore, US

Nina Chávez, Mexico

Rocío Milagros Collantes González, Panama

Member Feese, Nigeria

Janaína Freire, Brazil

Janese Henderson, Antigua and Barbuda

Melissa Hernandez, Domincan Republic

Anderson Hussein 

Muhammad Ilyas, Pakistan

Rubis Iyodi, Cameroon

Carlos Jáuregui Portilla, Peru

Imran Newaz Khurshid, Bangladesh

Sushmita Lama, Nepal

Masego Manyaapelo, Botswana

Pascal Masuba, Sierra Leone 

Felipe Medeiros, Brazil

Aziza Mohammed, Nigeria

Priscila Mora Álvarez, Ecuador

Marie Flore Morett, Haiti

Anne Muli, Kenya

Gloria Mushi, Tanzania

Wilheim OKOKO, Congo-Brazzaville

Victor Oloo 

Gloria Ordoñez,  Valenzuela, Bolivia

Joshua J. Pangelinan, Federated States of Micronesia 

Carlene Perryman Rouse, Grenada

Abdul Qadir, Pakistan

Minas Rasoulis, USA

Hana Salsabila, Indonesia

Michelle N.Samuel, Saint Lucia

Joaquim Sanvictores, Canada

Alaa Saqer, Palestine

Alpha Sennon, Trinidad and Tobago 

Ivan Silva Prado, Brazil

Alexis Teyie, Kenya

Dale Trotman, Barbados

Ebehi Ugberaese, Nigeria

Natasha Uppal, India

Dania Valle, Honduras

Maryem Rahim, Pakistan

Kevin Melgarejo, Peru

We also thank Bodo Hoenen, and our Atlas Corps Fellows, Nilima Raut and Itena Hoxhallari, for the great support that they have provided for the creation of this site, as well as dozens of youth not listed here who have contributed to the development of YouthLead.