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We will post the poll questions and results here. Feel free to provide comments and suggest questions for future polls. Question Title 1.  We will host webinars. Which topics are you most interested in? Building Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Natural Resource Management Youth as Peace…
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We are happy to have you on YouthLead and here are 7 tips to make your profile 100% complete;   1.       On your profile:   a.       About me: Please fill the ‘About me’ section on your profile. Also, fill your organization information, job title and ‘my motto’ field too. It will let other young…
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Posted by Maria Brindlmayer on September 09, 2018 at 15:02pm
I am very excited about the launch of YouthLead. How will you use it? What are your expectations for YouthLead? Tell us about yourself and what Youthlead will do for you?
Posted by Bodo Hoenen on September 25, 2018 at 15:21pm
Let's use this thread to introduce ourselves.  What are you up to, What are you working towards, What dreams are you pursuing? 
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Welcome to YouthLead! To become a valued member of the YouthLead community, please make your profile as complete and inviting as possible: Add your picture Tell other changemakers about yourself Indicate in which topics or sectors you are most experienced or interested  Add your project(s) in the…
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YouthLead sponsors can use this spot to discuss about YouthLead, share learnings, ask questions.
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Share which book(s) you have found inspiring in your changemaking activities.